Being A Professional

aka: It’s not about the gear!

Every trade has it’s tools and photography is no exception; however, unlike many trades, the tools used in photography can also be considered luxury items or even status symbols to an extent… Unfortunately, to the general public, this has created a strong association between the cost of the camera and the quality of the work.

Although having the right tool is a necessary starting point, it’s what happens after (and honestly, before) that makes a true professional.

When it comes to any trade, creative or otherwise, you just can’t ignore experience and vision. Being a professional means that you have put in the requisite training of a craft, that you have invested monetarily and personally in that craft and that you have the confidence in your skill of that craft that you are going to wager your livelihood in its pursuit – you have “skin in the game”, so to speak.

When it comes to photography, a professional also has vision. Vision and the ability to mold that vision to the needs of their client.

A professional photographer, specifically a professional architectural photographer, can walk into a room and see what shot to take and under what parameters to take it.

Where do I put the camera to tell the “story” of this space.

Is it told in one shot, or do you need multiple shots to adequately convey the intent of the architect/designer?

What time of day tells it best?

Does the space require supplemental lighting?

Should it be dramatic or subtle?

These are the questions that flow through the mind of the professional architectural photographer.

In the end, being a professional means exactly that: Being a professional, doing your job, regardless of the conditions… getting the shot… no excuses.