About Trevor

I am a professional photographer specializing in Architectural, Editorial and Corporate Photography throughout the Intermountain West (Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada), Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, California) and where ever the job sees fit to take me.

I grew up split between the high desert/rocky mountains of Northern Utah and the “Mediterranean-esque” (probably not a word) beaches of Santa Barbara.
In 1996, after two years as a student in the Fine Art Photography program at the University of Utah, I took a break and began working as an assistant and custom printer at a local commercial studio, which specialized in product and architectural photography. It was there that I really learned the “in’s and out’s” of the photographic process – this was still the glorious days of film!
After 3 years, I took a job as a cross-country tour guide – taking van loads of international tourists on camping adventures around the continental U.S. It was at this time that I really got to see many parts of the country that often get missed and really fostered my love of travel as well as reigniting my passion for photography.
I then returned to Salt Lake City, just in time for the Olympics, to finish my degree. I received my BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging in 2002.

I still live in Salt Lake with my wife, daughter, son and sooo many animals that I hesitate to speculate on the total…

And I believe I am the “perfect blend” of ADD and OCD (like coffee and Kailua), my wife disagrees…