Being A Professional

aka: It’s not about the gear! Every trade has it’s tools and photography is no exception; however, unlike many trades, the tools used in photography can also be considered luxury items or even status symbols to an extent… Unfortunately, to the general public, this has created a strong association between the cost of the camera […]

Central Coast

There is something about the Central Coast that I feel demands film… I can’t explain it, but every time I go it seems that digital cameras just don’t feel right and I reach for my Hassy or Holga! These two shots were taken a few years ago just off the Avila Pier – with a […]


Well hello there! It looks as though I am going to start blogging… I doubt that there will be any consistent theme running through these posts, but I’m sure that you can expect to read a lot of my thoughts on being a professional photographer, architectural photography, photography in general; along with maybe some “news of […]